Caleb Mukhwana Wekesa


My name is Caleb Mukhwana Wekesa and I am 14 years old.

From an early age I have found memories of getting my education. I remember going to day school with my brothers and coming home for lunch time with my mom who made us porridge to eat in between our classes. After those early years, I was able to get a sponsorship to attend primary school at Chwele Eagles Academy. I was blessed to be able to receive a free sponsorship that helped in all of my cost.

Outside of the classroom I enjoy playing both soccer and volleyball. This has been a favorite past time of mine since I was in the 6th grade. Despite having a hearing condition that prevents me from hearing far away sounds in my left ear, I am very joyful and appreciative of the gifts God has blessed me with.

I love science class the most, for it will be very helpful for me to continue my studies as I hope one day to become an engineer so that I can help the people of my country. I would also like to help my parents who are back home praying for me and my education. One day I hope to fly to places like America and also preach the gospel and become a pastor.

My promise is to excel not only in my education but also to help Living Hope High School in its future. I pray that I can get a sponsorship to finish my secondary education at this wonderful school.

May God bless you.

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2