Gideon Wasike Wanjala


My name is Gideon Wasike Wanjala. I am the first born in our family. My parents divorced in 2010 and my mother was forced to go with me to my grandparents’ home. There, the director of a private school allowed me to study for free up to fourth grade. The following year I went back home to live with my grandmother. She could not afford to buy vegetables, so we lived on eating weeds with salt. In 2016 I went to live with my mother. A year later my mother married my step-father, who decided once I finished eighth grade my education was over, as he did not have money to help me to go to school. By God’s grace my mother learned about Living Hope High School and she struggled to get all the documents and fees to give me a chance to go to high school.

However, in my home there is chronic problem of domestic violence. My step-father would give my mother beatings, which gives me a lot of stress. I had the goal of hitting the 400 marks in my exams but because of the stress at my home, I only achieved a 371. Even though my situation at home is difficult, my mother who is a Christian, teaches me how to read the Bible, and about the need to worship God. Through my mother’s encouragement I have decided to work hard to achieve my goals and perform well in high school.

I take part in both games and sports. I like playing football. My goal in the future is to be a judge. I am also talented in music. My best subject is science, but I still do very well in all other subjects.

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2