Kituyi "Sandrah" Naliaka


My name is Sandrah. My twin brother and I are the last born in our family of four children. Our father died in 2009 due to a burst of abdomen. We laid him to rest I an area of land in our original home in Ndivisi village. Since then we’ve been raised by my mother. We had to leave our village and move to a rented house closer to my mom’s working place.

My mother works as a store-keeper at a secondary school and earns a salary of 8,000 shillings (around $80 month). Her salary barely covers the costs of providing for my siblings and I. I remember one time we missed an important church event. We were to go for a tour to Kisumu, but because my mother’s salary was too small we could not pay the fee of 3000 shillings each (about $30 each). For this same reason, my mother could not pay for my school fees. I missed a lot of exams because of this.

Where we live now, there are a lot of rich families, but because we are poor, other children are not allowed to play or be friends with us. I have felt lonely and sad, but have found a community at our church King Jesus Faith Ministries, where I persevere as a born-again Christian.

I love to read novels and storybooks. I also enjoy dancing and singing for God. My favorite subjects are Geography and English.

I believe coming to Living Hope is the chance God has given me to be able to follow my aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Many years ago, land was taken from our grandfather unjustly. Because of that experience, I want to be able to help my community by bringing justice. Through hard work and discipline I will achieve my goal of providing a farm for family.

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2