Peter Mwangi Kirathe


My name is Peter Mwangi Kirathe and I am 15 years old. I live at home with my mother who is also the bread winner of the home. One of the challenges of growing up in a single-family home was not knowing where my father was. It was through watching my mother work hard to help put me through my primary education, despite being sent home for having overdue school fees, was seeing how hard she worked to make it happen. This is why I want to work hard and learn as much as I can while here at Living Hope High School.

My teachers have always been so helpful to me and helping me expand my learning. I am hoping to continue on in my education well after my time here at Living Hope by studying to become a pilot. With this career in mind I am hoping to be able to be a blessing to my family and community. As I hope to be someone that those in my community can look up to and see as an example as I plan to help others who are in need obtain the same educational opportunities that I have been graciously afforded.

Some of my favorite hobbies to take part in are playing football and singing. During church I am able to help participate in our Sunday School program by reading the bible and also with my singing.

I pray that someone has been touched by my story and is willing and able to sponsor me in my studies here at Living Hope High School. This not only will give me hope, but hope to others in my home community.

God bless.

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2