Duncan Wanjala

Science Education

University of Eldoret

$2,891.00 per year

To: Dear Sponsor

From: Duncan Wanjala

Date: 30/11/2016

Dear Sponsor,

I am a boy aged eighteen years old and a first born in my family. I learned in Talitia Primary School where I was born. My dad passed away and left us with only my mother. I have two sisters and one brother. My mother had nothing apart from a small acre of land where she cultivated some vegetables.

We had no support and my mother decided to quit and relocate to another place near her home. I was intelligent and I had the desire to learn in order to change the situation of our family. I also had a desire to help other needy people when I become well off. We used to work on people’s farm with my mother so as to earn a living and even pay for my school fees and my brother and two sisters. I felt that I was really passing through hard time because I was somehow younger.

The situation forced me to do so, that was how life was until the time for my Kenya certificate of primary school. I sat for my exam and passed it very well. Despite the fact that I had did well in my exam there was no finance for secondary school because my mother could not afford. I sat there knowing that that was the end of me. My mum was happy that I had passed my exams well but she was sad the she was unable to support me further.

Miraculously she heard of Living Hope High School which was about 5 miles from my home. She came to apply for me to get a chance and fortunately I qualified and got a chance in Living Hope High School.

Under the director mum Marylin Uhl I have got a qualified secondary school education. I would like to say thank you to mum Marylin for availing me these four years. I have heard many experiences through her support and many experiences in school. We are now done with our national exams.

I am hoping that I will pass very well to join Kenyatta University where they offer medicine coarse. I developed interest as a doctor long time ago and I know my dreams will come true in the near future. I always like helping people where I can and support where necessary. I thank God for how far he has brought me through Living Hope. I will be thankful and grateful if you will sponsor me to see my future as a doctor. Thank you. May God bless you wherever you are.

Yours faithfully,

Duncan Wanjala

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2