Nicholas Onyango

To: My Sponsor

My name is Nicholas Onyango. I was born on 12th July 1997, being the firstborn child in a family of eight children, five boys and three girls. My infant life was full of struggles, because at that time my parents had separated and I was being taken care of by my grandparents. They did not have any source of income but just borrowed money from well-wishers in order to cater for my needs..

I can say that I am among God’s chosen people and that God really has good plans for my life. This is because, I was told by my mother that while I was eight months old, I died for two hours but I came back to life. This miraculous act really encourages me and lets me know that God is always on my side.

When time came for me to start going to school, I joined my parents who had reconciled. Life started becoming tough on my side since my parents could not raise my school fees. My mother was jobless but my father was a mechanic. He hated me a lot. He could sometimes send me out of the house at midnight, so I had to sleep in the streets or neighbors’ home. While at primary school, I had a torn uniform and I was sent several times to go home for school fees. Sometimes I could just stay at home since I could not do any job to get my basic needs.

With all the challenges I faced, I learnt up to class four, when a volunteer from Germany decided to sponsor me up to university. I really worked hard and did not want to let him down. I did my final exam of primary education and managed to score 356 marks out of 500, being the fourth student out of 311 candidates. I was called to join Njiiri High School which is among the best high schools in Kenya. Two weeks after the results were out, my sponsor died on a road accident. This is the time I lost hope in my education. I had to stay at home for a whole year, working on people’s farms in order for me to raise my school fees. Life was so hard, since I had to provide for my little brothers and sisters in addition to the little that my parents provided.

I joined Living Hope High School in the year 2014 as a form one. Joining this school is among the biggest miracles that God has done in my life. It is from this school that the candle of my future that had gone off was lit. The school has shaped me to be a Godfearing person and taught me how to successfully survive in the society. I did my national exam(KCSE) last year and got a B-, being the 3rd student in my class. I have been working at Living Hope while waiting for acceptance letter which came two weeks ago.

I would like to take a degree in bachelor of science in information technology(IT) at Kabarak University. I would also like to nature my talent of being a goalkeeper in soccer and I know that is going to guide me. Mum Marilyn has already provided a suitcase and some personal items that are required at school. The school has been praying for financial provision for many graduates, I being included. A lot of them have got miracles, sponsorship and donations but I am the only one left. I take this as a test of my faith but I believe that God will open the financial doors.

I am humbly asking you to be my sponsor. I know it is not your responsibility, but you are the only hope for my future. I will work hard and make you proud. At one time I wish to help other people who are experiencing the same life like I did. I know that God loves us all and wants us to give back excellence. .

God bless you,

Nicholas Onyango.

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2