Current Projects

• Getting the maize field ready to plant and plough, we had to clear out, repair the fence and we will plough tomorrow and we will plant as soon as it rains.
• The bamboo field is cleared out of stumps, has compost spread out, has all the trash picked up, we are getting the gate made and waiting to plant flowers and the bee
• Bees-We have four hives ordered and Nick, graduate of Living Hope) is building the bee hive.
• We are digging the bore hole back by the bee hive so that we have water.
• On April 3rd-We will start putting in the cement flour in the form four boys dorm. Nick (former graduate) has organized his crew to get done in 3 weeks before the kids come back from break.
• Stanley (the principle) is finishing up his new house and moving February 2022.

Learning how to raise bees and harvest the honey.

Clearing the land for the Bamboo Farm and Bee Hives
Tue, Apr 14, 2020

Dear all,

Just to keep you updated about what is happening here at Living hope, the first patch of bricks are done and stacked in the dorms. the second patch is ready to burn if we have any dry weather. it rains every afternoon and evening. I am here with 11 boys and one girl, trying to keep everything running and in good order. Last night on the news we had 270 confirmed cases of corona and that is increasing 5 to 20 cases everyday. We are obeying the rules the people in the city are not. We have two kids that are stuck and are on lock down. Ivan is in Nairobi and David wakwabubi is in Nakuru. Pray for them.

Catherine our nurse left yesterday and has not come back. We will miss her. not only she was the nurse but she has been our pastor. Everyone here is well and healthy, we have enough food, good water lots of rain, power most of the time and god has blessed us, with a good place to wait this thing out.

All the kids that are still at school, are really getting restless and are tired of staying home. All of our students at home and their parents are really ready for school to start again but here in kenya we are getting 5 to 20 new cases everyday. So everyone will just have to be patience and wait for the end. the students that are here are teaching each other to keep the rust off the brain.

There has never been this much prayer from the whole world in my life time. Kenya has severe floods,2nd round of locust, water shortages in the cities, food crisis and economic disaster. We are all praying for this to end but recovery will take a long time. All for now


The WVUMW and Elkins Physical Therapy are collecting gently used gym shoes for the students of Living Hope. The kids are running in the early morning with no or poor shoes. The gym shoes will be transported by the mission team in Jan 2020. We will be collecting them during October, November and December. The shoes will be such a wonderful blessing. Thank you and may God bless you.
All of the grads, under Nick`s supervision, have decided to build their own dorm. They have already built a 4-door latrine. It is ready to be plastered, the doors put on and painted, then we can tear down the old, old, old latrine which is in bad condition. During December and January, any grad that is free will be making bricks. Over 100,000 bricks will be needed. If we buy the bricks ready-made, it will cost 8 cents a brick plus 250 for transport per ox-cart, 200 bricks. So, they will save us thousands of dollars. They will dig the foundation in April and start building on August when they are on break. The grads are asking for donations to help them with cement, sand, gravel, doors and windows.

Living Hope Grads with the help of Jarrettown UMC in Desher, PA has purchased a plot which borders our property. The Grads will build a grad dorm/ Guesthouse so they have a place to stay when they come back to help build. They have built a four-door latrine and waiting for God to provide funding for the dorm. The building where they usually stay is so old. It is falling down and the roof needs constant repair to keep it from leaking!

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2