Current Projects

Our needs at Living Hope are always many and often changing. During a recent Health Department visit, it was brought to our attention that the current kitchen at Living Hope High School, that has served us well for many years, is below standard. We have just installed two new wood burning stoves that should last for many years. We have plans to put in new light fixtures, install locking cabinets, purchase more utensils, dishes, pots and pans, tile the floor, and put in several work tables and sink facilities. Our current situation is very primitive and we do need to upgrade and improve the kitchen space and bring food prep up to standard. Our estimated cost for the remodel kitchen project will be $15,000. This project will be started immediately after the Healing Hut is finished (around April 2017). Donations can be sent by check to Riverton United Methodist Church, with “Kitchen” in the memo line. P.O. Box 23, Riverton, WV 26814. We appreciate your help and faithfulness. Making our Living Hope students healthier is always a top priority, plus passing health codes is important.

Pictured first is our previous stove set-up. The way these were made the smoke come out into the kitchen instead of up the chimney. We only have one 60 watt electric bulb to light the entire space and see by. We have a very dusty cement floor, no washing facilities, no cabinets with doors, only open shelves for food storage, and one very old, primitively made table. The two following pictures were taken at a neighboring orphanage and we plan to use their kitchen as a basic model.

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2